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MTS MicroNeedle Facial Roller + Lumie FX Skin Booster Ampoule

MTS MicroNeedle Facial Roller + Lumie FX Skin Booster Ampoule

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MTS MicroNeedle Facial Roller Attachment Head
It is important to note that even with the presence of beneficial ingredients, the efficacy of skincare products can be hindered if they are not properly absorbed by the skin.

MTS offers a solution to this problem by providing a weekly skin booster that can be conveniently used in the comfort of one's home, without the need to visit a dermatology clinic.

This innovative skincare device utilizes 600 triangular micro needles that measure 0.01mm, which have been designed to create better puncture holes compared to conventional round or square needles. The unique triangular shape of the needles minimizes the risk of scarring and skin damage over time, while also reducing skin irritation and promoting better absorption of skincare products applied after or during the micro-needling process.

Air Injection Facial Roller MTS also provides a silicone liquid dispenser uniquely attached to the MTS facial roller, a two-in-one product, for easy attachment of ampoules.

Lumie FX Skin Booster Ampoule
Lumie FX Skin Booster Ampoule is a set of ampoules that are comprised of 8 complex peptides, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid. These ingredients collectively help in addressing various skin concerns such as dryness and wrinkles, providing a smooth, bright, and resilient complexion. Unlike other single-use skin boosters, our ampoules have the potential to boost collagen synthesis and stimulate natural skin regeneration, thereby revitalizing your skin.

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